The land of snows

Tibet is well known as a "land of snows" having the youngest and therefore some of the highest mountains on earth. It has a landscape of awesome beauty with an average altitude of 14,000 feet and an extreme and savage climate. It takes a tough and resilient people to flourish in these conditions.

Land of snows

Nomads and Farmers

These people are nomads, semi-nomads and farmers who for centuries have lived in harmony with their environment and the seasons. Their livelihood depends heavily upon the vagaries of nature and a barter economy. Recent decades have seen major social changes which have greatly affected their lives.

Nomads and Farmers

"This center of heaven
This core of the earth
This heart of the world
Fenced round by snow
The headland of all rivers
Where the mountains a high and the land is pure.
A country so good
Where men are born as sages and heroes
And act according to good laws.
A land of horses ever more speedy."

A 9th Century document describing Tibet.